Two – 2013 Countdown – Night Shots

post by nat

This year Nat & I did a lot more shooting at night. When the natural light disappears the lighting conditions become challenging. But the rewards can be equally rewarding. We love the results so much that we decided to make a concerted effort to take more night shots whenever possible. Here are our favorite nighttime or sunset pictures from this year.

These first three pictures are from Lindsay & Matt’s wedding. I love this one. It was pitch black all backlight with remote flash.

Nat took this shot while I light them with my iPhone.

One of my favorites.

Beautiful Sunset.

This shot is a long exposure while on the docks at the Chesapeake Inn. I love the Chesapeake City Bridge in the background. It took a lot of patience for this shot, shooting on a moving dock is not easy.

This isn’t exactly a night shot. But the storm turned a bright sunny day into a dark and stormy evening in about 2 minutes. Right after these shots the sky let loose with rain, thunder and lightning.

A good night kiss after the party.

Sunset at Hershey Country Club.

For this shot we stole Jordan & Justin from the reception for a few minutes. Riverdale Manor is so pretty at nightime.

Elena & Aaron under a lit up tree.

And on the front steps of Riverdale.

I love this shot of Terra & Nikos with their signature drinks.

And this one is just perfect. It’s the end of the night and they’re leaning on the bar they made for their wedding.

Heidi & Brian in the hot air balloon.

And on the lawn at Drumore Estates.

Tina & Devin had fireworks to celebrate at their reception.

Cigar break.

These next two are from the Iacocca Hall 3rd floor lookout at Lehigh University.

The moon popped through the trees for this end of the night shot at Cassie & Ian’s wedding.