Tux & Chucks Wedding – Katelyn & Andrew

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A couple in love, a fabulous love story and a beautifully perfect wedding day. Katelyn & Andrew have been best friends since she was 14. They have seen each others ups & downs, been there for one another through significant life changes and then fell in love. Katelyn would say that she always had feelings for Andrew :) As the years went on and they both grew up their friendship became stronger and developed into something more.

Their love is obvious, their humor hilarious and their joy contagious! Their wedding day captured them to a tee including the hashtag Andrew created for friends & family posting on Twitter & Instagram ;) They wore Converse sneakers….and we coined the phrase ‘Tux n Chucks’ ;)

Not only are they our clients, Katelyn & Andrew have quickly become our friends. So much so that they had us dancing to Lonely Boy about a month before the wedding, using us as their guinea pigs to see if it would be a good song to start off their dance party!  We are thrilled to share their wedding day with you :)

The beautiful Katelyn getting her wedding day makeup.

Andrew you really have a stunning wife!

Her Converse, the first ones that Andrew bought for her and of course her something blue. And her gown.

Getting her shoes on before she’s even more poofy ;)

Tying her in.

Almost done….

You make a gorgeous bride Katelyn!

Andrew getting all ready.

The first look – she sees him from around the corner, he hasn’t seen her yet :)

So much happiness!!

Showing him the whole look.

They chose an abandoned mansion for their first look location & it was perfect!

Matching chucks :)

I mean honestly, the setting is fabulous. Katelyn discovered it in high school and used it for a few photo projects. It was recently announced that the mansion will be restored and the grounds will become a public park.

They are just so good looking ;)



Bride + Groom

Oh, did I forget to mention there is a grand staircase?

Let’s go get married :)

I got to ride with Katelyn to the ceremony, just us in a huge Hummer Limo (she was tweeting on the way). This wasn’t staged at all, she was giving the driver directions on how to get to the back of the church…which was a bit of a challenge due to a wide turning vehicle and a detour!

The ceremony.

They wrote their own vows and then read them from their iPhones.

A kiss to make it official.

Mr & Mrs!!

They are so silly ;)

The bridal party at Lehigh University.

Some of the bridal party details.

The Lehigh Campus is so beautiful!

Matt set this one up and I love it.

Katelyn & the girls.

Andrew & the boys.

This makes me laugh…a lot! Andrew is looking very bored while Katelyn is working with the videographer, Dan Newman. And I must mention that the bouquet is DIY by Katelyn.

The happy new marrieds.

You guys are just so cute ;)

Kissy kissy.

Looks like she’s checking out her husband.

A little sass.

Catching some of that evening light.

Then it was off to the reception. The birdcages are all vintage or borrowed and the decorations DIY.

Being announced in.

Their first dance as husband and wife.

Best Man speech…..or as Andrew said ‘the best and most inappropriate speech ever’. I mean it was your little brother Andrew, what did you expect?!

Their bling.

Their reception was held at Iacocca Hall at Lehigh University. It is right at the top of the mountain & the view over the valley is incredible.

Cake time!

Katelyn surprised Andrew by singing Ingrid Michaelson’s ‘The Way I Am’. It was so sweet.

And then we got to enjoy a performance by CoastalRise. Katelyn & Andrew are friends with the band, who made the trip from a South Dakota performance that day just to play at their wedding! I love their sound, make sure to check them out.

And then when the concert was done it was time for more dancing…..and Lonely Boy (The Black Keys).

Such a great dancing crowd.

Sending them off with sparklers.

Congrats friends!! We wish you all the best in your marriage and look forward to many more times hanging out & being ridiculous :)

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    1. I was just scrolling through these for the 15th time…. haha I’ve seen a lot of wedding photos. These are by far the best. Of course your subjects are beautiful and so is the location, but your ability to capture these shots is superior! Great to know you are also awesome people! Blessings!

    2. Josh Y. says:

      WOW…such awesome pictures. Makes me feel a little like I was there too. So much love to you guys!!!

    3. Rachel says:

      These pictures are amazing! True love was captured in these photos, it’s undeniable!

    4. Kelly M. says:

      Pure amazingness and truly EPIC photos! You captured them and their day perfectly! Just stunning! So happy for them! :-D

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