Snowy Weekday Wedding – Chris & Sienna

post by nat

A couple of weeks ago, during that spring snow storm, I had the privilege of witnessing my brother in law’s nuptials. Chris & Sienna were married in front of just a few witnesses, while the snow began to fall outside. It was a beautiful snowy weekday wedding – Chris & Sienna. 

Chris has been such a fun part of life, since meeting him back in 2005, just weeks before Matt & I were married. He even came to Australia, where Matt & I were living at the time, for a number of months and there our friendship truly came to life. We would eat lunch together, while watching ‘Ready, Steady, Cook!’, go on road trip adventures, and listen to his many, many plans for the future! 

Fast forward a few years. Matt & I are now living in Lancaster, Chris comes home from California, and becomes our roommate. There were real life cooking adventures, back deck happy hours, and more conversations about what the future holds. For Matt & I, we entered the baby stage of life. For Chris, he moved out and shortly after that met Sienna. A new chapter in all of our lives. 

Two years ago, during an epic snowstorm, Chris proposed to Sienna in NYC, so I think it’s fitting that they were married at the beginning of another snow storm ;) As the snow fell outside, they shared their vows, exchanged rings and sealed the deal with a kiss. I was thrilled they wanted to take pictures in the snow, before heading to lunch to celebrate. This is their wedding day:


Snowy Weekday Wedding – Chris & Sienna

Congratulations Chris & Sienna. Wishing you all the best in your future together, and all that it brings!! Love you guys – Nat (& Matt)