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Earlier this week we stopped by Plum Salon & Spa to talk to Lani & Ryan about their new business. We worked with Lani a few times this year and were so excited to hear that she would be opening her own salon & spa. So, this week we went to check it out, take some pictures and talk to Lani about what Plum Salon & Spa has to offer.

Plum has everything from makeup to massage, but we focused our conversation on weddings. Yes, I know it’s crazy, but we really just wanted to talk more about weddings ;) Lani has been working in the fashion, photography, and wedding industries for many years, so she has brought that experience with her and made it a focus at Plum. She has put together a team of professionals who are comfortable and well versed in the latest hair styles and makeup trends. They love trying new things, things that are out of the box, and the look that you want for your wedding day. Plus, the salon has it’s very own makeup suite and bridal room for you and your girls to really enjoy the experience.

One advantage to booking a professional to do your hair and makeup done on your wedding day is that you have set aside that time. Your wedding day is a whirlwind, so having some time to sit back and have a professional take care of you is refreshing and it ensures you have time to get everything done the way you want it. A trained hairstylist or makeup artist knows how to give you a style that will last throughout the day, look great for pictures and make you look & feel your best. Plum gives you an emergency kit for the day, which includes hairspray, bobby pins and the lip gloss they used for you to touch up later. There are a lot of different trends in hair and makeup right now. The traditional look is not what brides are going for these days, you can literally do whatever you want to do. Lani suggests looking at red carpet styles and experimenting with your look. When you’re ready give Plum a call and schedule a complimentary Bridal Consultation.

We love how people are using their wedding day to do something interesting with their look, and getting a professional to take care of you will give you the chance to look and feel your best on your most special day!

We were super impressed! If you want to check them out for yourself, please feel free to drop in to their Grand Opening celebration this Saturday night from 4-8pm.

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