Seven – 2013 Countdown – Rings & Jewelery

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Merry Christmas!! Today amongst the festivities we’re celebrating we thought we would share some of our favorite ring pictures from this year. Nat & I both love to shoot the rings and we always try to find a unique idea for each and every wedding.

You may have seen this shot from Katelyn & Andrew’s wedding floating around Pinterest a lot lately. We were quite surprised to see it ourselves! I was walking around looking for a good spot to shoot the rings and was not really finding anything I loved. Then Katelyn walked by and we ended up with this.

Wow, this rock from Cassie & Ian’s wedding is just gorgeous. You can see the yellow barn at Landis Valley Museum in the reflection.

This ring is Jordan’s great grandmother’s sapphire ring that Jordan wore for her something blue. Here it is sitting in the original box.

Sorrelli was a big part of Lindsay & Chris‘ wedding. These are the brides earrings and all the bridesmaids also had Sorrelli pieces.

I love this shot Nat got of Erin & Chad’s rings.

Amy’s rings fit so nicely together.

Finch Jewelers provided these lovely gems for Rachel to wear on her wedding day.

Cory & Randy’s rings on her gold shoes.

Love this necklace and matching earrings Caitlyn wore for her wedding day.

Terra’s necklace was her something blue.

Sara & Tim’s rings sitting on a glass table.

MIchelle & Chris’ rings siting on Michelle’s coral heels.

Tina & Devin‘s rings sitting on some of the flowers from Wildflowers by Design.

This was Eric’s gift from his lovely bride Kate.

So this little kitten fell asleep in my hand for this shot at Mary Lee & Mike’s country wedding.

Sometimes all you need is a fence to set the rings on. This was in Richmond at Myra & Joshua’s wedding.

These puzzle pieces from Stacy & Ben’s wedding were also used as the guest book.

Here is a different angle of their rings. Stacy’s engagement ring is elegant and stunning!

Erin’s Necklace.

Amanda & Brandon’s rings with a starfish for their beach themed wedding.

We used the napkin holders from Rachel & Chris’ reception decor for this ring shot.

I think I made Nat nervous at Sara & Fieldon’s wedding when I took this shot of their rings submerged inside their centerpieces.

These last two shots are my personal favorites. They both come from Terra & Nikos’ lovely wedding and the rings were custom designed by them. The first one is sitting on their rope swing.

And this one is by the bar with their overhead lights in the background.


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