One – 2013 Countdown – First Look Moments

post by nat

So you’ve heard us talk about how much we love the first look. And here’s the pictorial reasons why we love it so much, all of our first look moments from this year wrapped up in one tiny little blog post. It’s not that we dislike traditional weddings at all, in fact we love them. We just get super excited when our couples choose to see each other before the ceremony so we can control the lighting & location. Maybe we’re just control freaks… but there’s just nothing like the emotion of these truly special moments.

Jordan & Justin on the lawn at Riverdale Manor.

Erin & Chad out front of the Cork Factory Hotel.

Stacy & Ben at Boulder Ridge.

Cory & Randy on the sidewalk at Fireside Tavern

Katelyn & Andrew at the abandoned mansion.

Kim & Andy in the courtyard at Moonstone Manor.

Heidi & Brian at the front of the house at Drumore Estates.

Tina & Devin on the patio at Moondancer Winery.

Justine & James at a friends farm.

Cassie & Ian on the porch at Landis Valley Museum.

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