Nine – 2013 Countdown – Wedding Dresses

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As a guy I must admit that I know way more about wedding dresses than I can comfortably admit. Because I’m tall and able to hang the dresses easily it’s mostly my job to take the hanging dress pictures before the bride gets ready. And I really don’t mind because they are all so unique in detail and each venue adds it’s own element into the composition. I always look for the right light and strive not to take the same picture twice. Here are some of our favorite wedding dress shots from this year.

I don’t often take the wedding dresses into the kitchen. But at Drumore Estate every square inch is picture perfect. This is one of about 4 different locations I shot Heidi’s Augusta Jones dress from Cocoa Couture.

Sometimes it’s nice to get just a portion of the dress to showcase the details. The fireplace at French Creek was perfect for Caitlyn’s dress.

Often times hotels don’t have a lot of options for dress shots. But you can always find stunning light beside a large window. And the Cork Factory Hotel’s brick walls add a nice touch of texture to this shot of Erin’s Martina Liana gown.

I love the contrast of  a wedding dress in an urban setting. This 50’s style dress by local designer Michelle Renne was perfect for Jen & Michael’s leap day warehouse wedding.

We’ve seen more and more personalized hangers this year. We’re hoping this is a trend that stays. It’s way nicer than the ‘ol .25 cent plastic hanger that comes with most gowns. Here is Jordan’s Robin Jillian dress hanging on the balcony at Riverdale Manor.

Love the light on the bridesmaids dresses at Justine & James‘ wedding.

Even in a dark room the window light is perfection for Kim’s Anjolique dress from Taylored For You Bridal.

Sometimes a plain wall is all you need. Elena’s dress from Renaissance Bridals.

The pattern is stunning on Terra’s Enzoani wedding gown from Brides Bouquet Weddings.

Love the light coming through the window on Amanda’s dress.

This historic church provided the perfect backdrop for Sara’s David Tutera gown from Cocoa Couture.

These Londonderry Inn curtains compliment Christine’s dress from Weddings by Paulette.

Cory’s dress from In White just fits perfectly in this room at the Fireside Tavern. I think you could even leave it there and it would be a nice piece of art.

The hardwood balcony at The Lodges at Gettysburg provided a nice low perspective of Rachel’s gown from Renaissance Bridals.

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    1. nat says:

      Why thank you! It’s quite the honor to be an inspiration for other photographers :) Have fun shooting today!! – N

    2. Wendy Ward says:

      I’m in love with MattnNat!!! LOVE these dress shots! I am looking at your work as inspiration for the wedding we will be shooting today. “We” being my husband Jason and I. We are a husband and wife team in Va. Thank you for the inspiration!

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