New Years Countdown – Day 8 – Family Portraits

post by matt

We don’t blog a lot of family pictures because they are not typically our most visually interesting shots. And when it comes to the blog we tend to focus mostly on the bride and groom. However, just because we don’t blog them often doesn’t mean we love them any less. We try our best to capture your loved ones in a way that’s fun and reflects who they are. It’s usually only once in your life where all of your friends and family are gathered together in one place. Taking great family pictures for you is a once in a lifetime opportunity and we feel privileged to be trusted to capture such a special time! Once something unfortunate happens to a loved one it’s these very pictures that become the most cherished. Here are a few of our favorites.

A couple of daddy-daughter shots to start us off. Not gonna lie, I look at these differently now that my own daughter is on the way. This is Martha & her dad on the way to the ceremony.


Brittani & her dad.


Photos of Breeann’s immediate family in front of the gorgeous Beauvert lake.


A large family portrait capturing both Brittani & Ben’s side of the family.


Gina with her mom and sisters.


Lauren & Taylor with both sets of parents.


Liz & Ryan with Ryan’s side of the family.


Martha & Andy’s family portraits inside the church where they met.


Meghan & her mom.


I love Meghan & Derek’s family pictures in front of the Ware Center. You can see Lancaster city reflected in the glass.


Sarah & Chris’ family pictures in front of the brick wall at Mulberry Art Studio.


Sarah & Thomas had a great stone backdrop.


Stevie & Terry outside on the lawn.


Stay tuned for the perfect Christmas gift tomorrow.