New Years Countdown – Day 7 – Rings

post by matt

Merry Christmas!!! To celebrate the day we’re doing a blog post on rings. This time of year is huge for engagements so it’s only fitting to make today ring day. I mean can anyone think of a better Christmas present than a big old shinny rock… no I’m not talking about coal for those naughty ones out there. I’m talking about diamonds! Nat & I fight over who gets to take the ring shots because we love them so much. Here are our favorite ring shots from this year. FYI, she usually wins that battle.

Love all the detail in Caitlin & Jared’s rings!


Breeann & Dylan – using a birch log as their backdrop.


Gina & Scott’s gorgeous rings.


Heather & Mike’s rings still in their boxes.


Liz & Ryan got married at the Chesapeake Bay Beach Club so we couldn’t resist using the sand for their ring shots.


We used Lynn & Matt’s ‘A’ and a mirror to show off their bling.


Megan & Steve‘s rings are just stunning!!


Derek’s dad went on quite the shopping spree for their wine, so we thought we’d use it in the ring shots.


The great outdoors makes Sarah & Thomas‘ rings pop.


We used this awesome bench where Stevie got ready for the ceremony. It was just perfect for their ring shots.


Tomorrow’s post should bring some good laughs!