New Years Countdown – Day 14 – Invitations & Programs

post by matt

Welcome to our New Years countdown. We’ve had so many awesome weddings this past year and we’re so grateful to do what we do! Over the next 15 days we’re going to blog a bit each day about various things that we thought noteworthy from this years weddings. Everything from unique ideas, to shots we don’t normally blog, to some of our favorite pictures of the year. So sit back and enjoy the show… Or maybe don’t sit back, lean forward and take in all the details and check back everyday for the next 15 days ;)

Invitations are such a personal and bold statement about your wedding. They set the tone for what your special day will look and feel like. It’s the first piece of your wedding style/theme that your guests experience. When they open that envelope they’ll instantly have an idea of what you’re wedding will be like. Below we picked out some of our favorite invitation and wedding stationary shots from this year.

Dylan & Breeann’s invitation captured the look perfectly for their rustic bohemian themed wedding.


Brittani & Ben’s theme was Photography & Chemisty. They captured the chemistry part quite cleverly by using BM2 as it’s both of their initials.


We love how Catilin & Jared used some of their engagement pictures on their invitations.


Elegence abounds on Liz & Ryan’s invites.


Lynn was super excited for her modern chevron and orange designs that flowed through all of her and Matt’s details.


A look at their ceremony program.


I love that Nat used this random plate that was in the getting ready room to capture the modern elegance of Martha & Andrew’s wedding invitation.


Meghan & Derek’s simple and classy purple bow.


A cute modern invitation for Sarah & Chris that had both their green and orange colors as a backing. Here is the green.


Sarah & Thomas’ classic Pink & Black & White themed wedding invitation fit her hot pink heels and pearls perfectly for this shot.


Love the coral design in Stevie & Terry’s invites.


More of Brittani & Ben’s theme carried throughout the day.


Love this watercolor graphic design on Gina & Scott’s invitations.


Check back tomorrow for day 13 of the countdown. I won’t tell you what the topic will be but it may have something to do with testosterone.