Kristin & Aaron’s Cra-zay-zee Wedding

post by matt

Seriously my fav wedding party! You guys rocked. I don’t even know where to start! Maybe with the girls singing and dancing their way through getting ready. Maybe with Kristin pulling a bubble gun, that’s right a bubble gun! on their guests as they walked out of the church. Maybe with the insane winds that nearly blew us all over during the pics. Maybe the ‘bumper carts’ cruising through the golf course. Or maybe the dance party that just wanted to last all night.

Girls I had so much fun getting to know all of you…and as I put in my facebook status ‘you make me want to be crazy…in a good way :)’. Kristin and Aaron we are so honored that we got to be a part of your day! Congrats, we are so happy for you guys!

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    1. Jenny says:

      You two did an awesome job on these photos! And you also put up with us bridesmaids :-)! It was great meeting you!

    2. Chloe says:

      These are awesome! Loving aaron’s rap, and the pictures you captured of the two of them, especially the last black & white. Thank you so much for these wonderful pictures!!

    3. Ashley says:

      Matt & Nat,
      First congrats to the couple, such great shots!

      Second, the golf cart photos are so exciting! Even though our wedding is a year away still, we can’t get married on a golf course and not get our photo taken on one. I am already thinking up making a JUST MARRIED sign for you to take a photo of us on a golf cart.

      Can’t wait! Great work as always!
      Ashley & Jared (5/21/2011 Wedding)

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