Hashtag Your Wedding – The Instagram Trend

post by matt

We all know that Instagram has taken over the world…er….our lives with it’s addictive filtered pictures and now video that helps us capture every moment of our lives to share with the world. Matt & I have of course jumped on the bandwagon and quite enjoy it, but I think one of the best things I’ve seen this year in weddings is personalized hashtags :)

People are going to take pictures at your wedding with their cell phones and iPads so why not give them an outlet to share all of your hard work and beautiful details? It’s also super fun to look at the pics after your wedding and see how everyone else saw your day.

If you’re not familiar with hashtags already here is a little explanation for you. A hashtag is simply a label for content. It helps people find a certain topic quickly. They look like this #whateveryouwanttohashtag. Just start the phase with a pound sign and please don’t use any spaces. It breaks the tag and your friends will make fun of you ;)

This year we’ve had quite a few IG weddings and we’ve had a lot of fun joining in :)

Happy Instagraming!

Here’s a few of our own Instagram Wedding Pictures that we’ve taken this year with our iPhones.


Make it part of your wedding theme.


At the ceremony & the cocktail hour.