Harvest View Barn at Hershey Farms Wedding – Janelle & Jamie

post by nat

Hi all, today’s wedding post is not an ordinary blog post for us. Not that anyones wedding we ever post is ordinary, because they’re all gorgeous and special in their own unique ways. But this story is unlike any we’ve known and personal for us. Jamie & Janelle are friends of ours and we’d like to take the time to share some of their journey.

Their story is quite incredible. It’s one of hope, life, joy and a testimony to the reward of patience and trusting and waiting on God. Janelle and Jamie had mutual friends in many circles for years, but didn’t actually meet until a series of life changing events changed the course of their paths forever.

Janelle was happily married, had two children and was living and volunteering in a foreign country making a difference in the lives of the local people when suddenly her husband (a close friend of Matt’s) was targeted & killed for the work they were doing. Janelle and her two boys left immediately and came back to Pennsylvania to be surrounded by family and friends as they tried to get their lives back together and make sense of what had happened. Janelle knew that she wanted to be married and have a father for her boys, but she came to a point of realizing that she may be a widowed single mom for a very long time. She put her hope in God and with each day her peace and joy started to return.

Jamie was in his 30’s and still hadn’t found ‘The One’. He deeply desired to be married and although he had dated none had ever been the one for him. He traveled, spent time with friends and family, went on missions trips and lived life pursuing God and letting go of his pursuit of marriage.

Towards the end of last year, when they were both finally content at what their lives had become Jamie & Janelle met for the first time. A lunch was set up with a group of friends that will remain memorable for more than just Jamie & Janelle meeting for the first time. Matt & I were at that lunch although we didn’t know the significance of it at that point, it was the beginning of their relationship and the last time we saw our dear friend Nicole before her death. I remember our friend Ann who set the whole lunch up saying that Nicole picked up on what was going on and was thrilled to see the direction it was going! Such a treasured memory for Jamie who was one of her closest friends. So in the midst of another tragedy at the very end of 2014, Jamie and Janelle had started something beautiful.

Their relationship has been filled with joy, excitement, love and two very thrilled little boys. Janelle’s boys bonded with Jamie in a way they hadn’t with anyone since their Dad. A family began to develop and it wasn’t long at all before the oldest was telling Jamie that he should marry his mom. Jamie’s proposal included the boys, making them Jr Groomsman and Ring Bearer :) Their wedding day was filled with honor, love, respect and an incredible amount of joy for them and all who attended! We are so happy for this new family and are honored that we got to capture their day for them. So with out any more chatter, here is what it looked like from our perspective.

They chose Harvest View Barn in Elizabethtown for two reasons, it’s gorgeous and they had almost 300 people come to celebrate with them! Matt chose to hang the dress in the barn, and I love this picture he got of it.


Janelle’s shoes.


Jamie getting that bowtie on :)


Beautiful flowers.


Janelle getting those finishing touches thanks to Salon LaVi.


A stunning, joyful bride ready to see her groom.


Love it.


Their First Look, you can totally see their personalities and emotion <3


His bride.


Beautiful couple.


And then they had a First Look with the boys!!


A kiss for mom.


So, I think Jamie fits right in…..


Jamie + Janelle




Love them!


Some details.


We had to take them back into the barn to capture the whole room.


Some of their biggest supporters and friends.


The men.


And the ladies.


Prayer before the ceremony.


The whole day was filled with celebration and dancing, including the ceremony!


So thrilled to have his bride walking towards him.


And this is where I started to cry. Janelle had her father and her late husbands father walk her down the aisle to Jamie. She is truly a daughter to both and it was incredible to see them both release her to become a new family with Jamie.


A beautiful ceremony.


Janelle and Jamie started out their ceremony by leading all of their guest in a time of worship.


And then it was time for the vows.


There was a lot of laughter :)


I love seeing the joy on the boys faces as Janelle & Jamie shared their vows.


Jamie also had vows for the boys.


And everything was sealed with a kiss.




Just as the ceremony was ending their parents and mentors came up to pray over them as newlyweds.


Mr & Mrs!! Check out the boys in the background ;)


Just before the reception we stole them away for a few more pictures of just the two of them. The sun had come out during the ceremony and it was just gorgeous!


Love, love, love.




Some reception details. They had a small cake to cut and used the cupcakes for the guests as their centerpieces, so fun! Thanks to Alerra Gourmet.


I wish you could all hear the cheers that are associated with this picture!


First dance and they’re looking a little sassy.


Family dance.


Everybody dance now!


Cake cutting.


And at the end of the night they were sent away by glowsticks…..


Jamie and his wife Janelle……


Rode off into the night on a scooter <3


Congrats! We love you guys and are so thrilled for you! We’re so looking forward to seeing where this new journey takes all of you!