Erika & Andy’s Lancaster Wedding

post by matt

We arrived back home on Friday morning from our trip to LA & Chicago. Just in time to get ready for Erika & Andy’s Lancaster Wedding. The day was overcast, but provided the perfect lighting to a beautiful day. Erika is just gorgeous, so I couldn’t stop taking pictures of her! Andy you are a very lucky man :)

The ceremony was fun, with some special music and a different outlook for the bridal party. After some bubbles…which I love by the way…they just stand out so well in pictures! And bonus they’re fun!

We took the bridal party for a walk downtown and then stole the couple for a few special moments. I love the texture and the diversity of Lancaster’s buildings, makes for a good urban pic. Erika & Andy, congratulations! We had a ton of fun being a part of your day and getting to know your friends and family.

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