Edmonton, Alberta Wedding – Petra & Mark

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There was still a little snow on the ground, the grass was brown and the trees yet to bloom….but the sun was shining! The sun in the north makes all the difference and it was a beautiful day for my friend Petra to marry her Mark.

Petra is one of those people you can just laugh with, and she makes you feel like everything will work out no matter what the situation. My first memory of her was back when we ice skated together. Her mom, Marilyn was back-combing her curly red hair to make her look as much like Simba from the Lion King as possible! The first time we hung out, I fell off of the end of her bed. Then there were a few trampoline episodes and baking mishaps, so many road trips to visit each other when we lived in different towns and one very adventurous kayak trip with her dad. All this to say I was honored when Petra’s mom asked if I would be Petra & Mark’s photographer for their wedding, because I cherish the memories of her friendship so much.

Mark. My first memory of Mark was at my wedding almost 6 years ago. He showed up as Petra’s boyfriend and we put him to work! He did so much in the background that not many people remember him, but I do because I was so impressed that he was willing to help (considering he didn’t know us at all!). So, here we are years later, situation reversed, and I get to return the favor.

April 23rd, 2011. The wedding day. Here’s how it went….

A little bit of Jimmy Choo bling!! I freaked out when I saw her shoes, and I managed to contained it to only one pic of them on here (ok, Matt forced me)….but there’s so many more :)

Her beautiful dress.

Love Petra’s fishnet veil, it’s so her.

Look at that joy!

Petra my friend you are so beautiful.

Ceremony and reception at the Faculty Club of the University of Alberta.




The old Arts Building on campus made for a beautiful backdrop for these two.

Cake by Trina

Always a favorite of mine, the candy bar! Now I must mention their wedding planner Kerry (because she re-filled the candy bar right before this picture was taken). Petra had wonderful things to say about working with her throughout the wedding process. And I must say I was very impressed as well. Thanks to Kerry and her team for making the day run smoothly and for being so friendly!

A couple of the days details. A canvas for guests to write well wishes and Petra & Mark’s rings. Petra had her wedding band made with her and Mark’s birthstones.

Petra and her mom Marilyn. Thanks again Marilyn for asking me to be the photographer!

The invitations for their wedding were hand made by Julia Jungwirth, a friend & artist in Calgary. Each one is unique from the next, so they decided to ask their guests to bring their invitations with them to the wedding. What a fun display!

Petra is ‘miss activities’. She is involved in everything and wants to learn everything….thankfully Mark is a good sport and joins right in. They showed off their ballroom dancing skills during their first dance.

And this little ‘red carpet’ banner was also made by a friend (they have some pretty creative friends!). Fun for the guests….and the bride and groom.

Congratulations Petra & Mark. Wishing you all of the joy and happiness in your marriage that was so evident during your wedding day.

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    1. Amidst the general uber radness, those invitations really stand out! And each made custom?!? That’s some serious work! I want to be done the one invitation that I’m designing!

    2. Petra says:

      Thank you Everyone! Nat, Larissa, Guests, Friends…. We had a Wonderful day and are off for our Honeymoon!
      Petra and Mark

    3. Sharon Zatkovich says:

      Congratulations Petra & Mark! Wishing you fun and happiness throughout your marriage as shown in the pictures.

    4. Nicola Murray says:

      Absolutely gorgeous photos! Hope you both had a wonderful day, it looked great. Best Wishes :)

    5. Susan Wood Jensen says:

      I grew up with Petra’s mum, Marilyn Belak. We have been friends for years. The photos of Petra’s wedding are absolutely breath taking. I especially love the one of Petra and her mum. What wonderful keepsakes.

    6. Way to go Natalie
      A wonderful post summing up your friendship and ours as well as the wedding.
      You’ve made the harsh northern early spring landscape of dust and melting snow and sand/gravel heaps into a lovely backdrop and your sampling of the wedding catches the sweet mood perfectly.
      ~ best always

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