Before the Ceremony – Where to get Ready

post by matt

It’s something that we feel is often overlooked. In all of the planning and scheduling, the thing that gets pushed to the bottom of the importance list is the location where the bride & her bridesmaids will get ready.

In our opinion some of the most beautiful bridal portraits and sentimental moments happen during this time and having a good location to enjoy these moments is something that you should consider. This is a time when you are getting ready to see your groom, giving and receiving gifts from family and your bridal party and the time when you appreciate a few quiet moments before the events begin. Having a beautiful, relaxing space takes the stress level down and makes your photographers very, very happy!

When planning on where you’d like to get ready first think about the light in the room. A dark dreary church basement may be convenient, but it usually doesn’t have a nice area to hang your dress, a beautiful mirror for touching up your makeup or a comfy space to relax for a few moments.

When considering your getting ready location consider a room that has at least some natural window light, a mirror, a bathroom close by and at least one piece of great looking furniture. The location could be your home, the bridal suite at your venue, a bridal room at your salon or a hotel room close to your venue. We highly recommend taking some time to consider your getting ready location. You won’t regret it.

And don’t forget about the guys. They may not take as long to get ready, but great pics of your groom is something every bride cherishes.

At the Venue:

Jess & Steve both got ready at their venue.

Becci & her girls were in a large room with beautiful natural light.

Kiersten’s venue was a gorgeous manor that was perfect for getting ready.

In a Hotel Room:

Eileen, her family and her girls got ready at the hotel where their reception was held.

Amanda had a suite at their venue.

Jen’s ceremony & reception venue was also at the hotel where they got married.

In Their Home

Maggie and her girls got ready in her & Pat’s home, which is gorgeous!

Nathan & Brie got ready at Nathan’s parents home.