Allenberry Resort & Playhouse Wedding Photography – Tiffany & Jarrod

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Saturday dawned bright and beautiful for Tiffany and Jarrod’s wedding day. And how could it not be perfect with Jarrod starting the day with this facebook status; “Last weekend, England got a new princess. This weekend, I get mine.”?!

The festivities were held at the gorgeous Allenberry Resort & Playhouse in Boiling Springs, PA. Tiffany and Jarrod opted for the First Look, which we love and the day just kept getting better. A lovely outdoor ceremony down by the creek, a heartfelt speech by Tiffany’s sister and a super fun reception.

The beautiful location, Allenberry Resort & Playhouse

Love these shoes!

Tiffany’s dress and the spring weather

Tiffany and her girls getting ready

Jarrod’s princess

The more I use our new macro lens on ring shots the more amazing they seem to get. We have some more coming up we can’t wait to show you.

Tiffany’s surprise gift to Jarrod

Jarrod’s surprise gift to Tiffany

Waiting for his princess

The moment before…

The First Look

Happy Couple

Gotta love a man in uniform

Love your smile Tiffany!

It’s gotta be love

Love the detail on the back of Tiffany’s dress


Thanks girls for being such a blast to work with!

‘For Your Tears of Joy’

Watching his bride walk down the aisle

The ceremony site was beautiful and the weather was perfect throughout the whole ceremony

Funny story… while headed to the ceremony location Matt starts up a conversation with this couple lounging on the balcony. They were celebrating there 45th wedding anniversary, to the day and decided to stay and enjoy the wedding (and memories of their own) from the deck.

Eileen and Karen exiting the ceremony. These girls are always laughing :) You may remember Eileen as one of our brides from last year.

We took Tiffany & Jarrod for a few more pictures because well, they looked amazing, so was the scenery, and so was the lighting.

We went undercover when we felt a couple raindrops. Everywhere we went were matching black, white and red colors. They did a great job on the details for the day.

We love being able to show the bride and groom what the reception looked like before everyone gets to it. Love the details!

Daddy – Daughter moment:-)

M is for McSherry

Party Time

Tiffany and Jarrod we had a wonderful day with you! Congratulations, have fun on the honeymoon ;)

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