A wedding with a view – Tara & Cory

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Tara and Cory decided to get married at one of their favorite places. Kettle Creek Vista is just gorgeous overlooking the Appalachian Mountains. The color was absolutely perfect and Tara was so beautiful in her wedding gown as she walked down the aisle to Cory. Ok….let me rephrase a bit….as she was blown down the aisle to Cory! It was ridiculously windy and quite cold the day of their wedding, but the sun managed to make a few appearances throughout the day and it didn’t stop them from having a great time with their friends and family. And did I mention the fall color and it’s perfection? It was stunning!

Tara getting her hair and makeup done.

Details. Tara made the jewelry she wore and also her bridesmaids.

Cowboy boots for the girls :)

The beautiful Tara.

The drive to the Vista is gorgeous!

And the view from the top? Awesome!

So, remember that wind I was talking about?


We were lucky to have so much time with the couple after the ceremony….and to see them interact as a couple.

Cory + Tara

I love these next two of the newlyweds.

Cory’s beautiful wife.

And remember that color I was talking about? Breathtaking!

A perfect fall tree.

Her man.

A little bit of yellow.

We went down by the lake you can see from the Vista for a few more pics of the two of them.

Love it!

Tara put together some great details for a fall wedding.

She is also a big scrapbooker, so the guest book has a page for each guest or family with room for a message and a picture.

The rings.

The kids. LOL

Tara and the girls.

We had a great weekend away to celebrate and capture your wedding :) Congrats and we’re looking forward to a weekend at the cabin!

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    1. Mjoshua says:

      Brilliant stuff as always. Love the tall long shot of them walking away by the tree.

      Just saw you two were on the Lancast. Rad publicity fo rill!

    2. The Egolf's says:

      The photos are absolutely gorgeous! They really bring out the essence of what Cory and you are all about…enjoying the beautiful, simplicity of nature together, for the rest of your lives.:)

    3. Tara Ross says:

      I LOVE the pictures so far!! I can’t wait to see more!! A weekend away at the cabin is definitely in the works!!

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