50s Style Warehouse Wedding on Leap Day – Jennifer & Michael

post by matt

One week ago we didn’t have anything planned for the extra day in February until we were Facebook stalking people and saw Jennifer’s status. Her and Michael decided last week it was time to get married and what better day than February 29th. Before we knew it we were preparing for their wedding. They obviously had a lot more to work than we did! At that point they didn’t even have a venue yet. But come Wednesday everything fell into place and everything fit them perfectly! The venue, her dress, and the laid back atmosphere of the whole night.

We met Jennifer & Michael last year at Heather & Shawn’s wedding. Michael was one of the groomsmen and Jennifer was the girl with the fabulous outfit and all of the tattoos. After that wedding Jennifer contacted us to get a couple of the pictures of her and Michael and we ended up at a 50s diner planning a photo shoot with the two of them. Shortly after that we found out that Jennifer was once again facing a battle with cancer. Not given much long term hope, we put our plans on hold and she continued fighting for her life plus keeping up with her and job and kids. We are super impressed with her drive and outlook on life.

So here we are months later, she’s still with us and it’s time for a wedding. She’s a mother of two, passionate about what she does and continueing to move forward with her life. Michael is a mechanic, 50s era enthusiast, and you can see how much he loves his girls every time he looks at them. Their last minute wedding was a blast and the Candy Factory was the perfect old school venue. As far as we can tell, this is the very first wedding at the Candy Factory that will be 100 years old next year.

Jennifer & Michael, thanks for letting us be a part of your day! We truly enjoyed it and are so happy for you both :) (And get in the car and take that time away together ok?)

Hot pink heels <3

Michelle Rene made this dress in less than a week! She will add to it for the big wedding celebration Jennifer & Michael are planning later this year.

Love these heels.

Beautiful natural light coming in through the windows. It didn’t last long so we took advantage of it while we could.

Getting ready.

Love the bird cage veil with Jennifer’s bright red hair.

Black wedding rings sitting on her cat tattoo.

Just waiting for her man to get ready.

Stunning isn’t she?

Michael getting ready, shaping the hair.

Love the tat! Can you guess what his right hand says?

Diggin’ the stash.

And the bow tie.

50’s style and pianos just belong together.

Love those smiles!


So many great places to shoot inside this huge warehouse.

Shoes + Socks

A little black & white.

And a kiss.

Flower girls, Maddie & Scarlett.

Their vows.


The ceremony room. It didn’t have any light so Michael was in there Tuesday night stringing lights so he could see his bride walk down the aisle.

Mr. & Mrs.

The reception was in one of the art galleries that makes it’s home in the Candy Factory. Such a cool place with quite the collection of interesting objects.

Ride fast, doll face ;)

Chuck that bouquet.

I don’t think he was supposed to catch it…..

Some how this is where the garter ended up.

This is where it really belongs.

Their dance.

Love is patient, Love is kind.

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    1. Amy Colleen says:

      I really enjoyed peeking in on “their” special day.
      You really have a gift for catching special moments on camera!

    2. Amazing! Really enjoyed watching their day unfold through your eyes!

    3. nat says:

      Wow! Thanks so much :)

    4. Jess Cauller says:

      This is so awesome! I love how unique and inspiring it all is…and completed it such a short amount of time. Fantastic :)

    5. Mjoshua says:

      This is probably one of the most fascinating and unique posts I’ve seen in a long time. On your blog or somebody elses. Pinning it.

    6. Heather's Mom says:

      WOW! Great Pictures!, and such great Idea’s! I really enjoyed them and Congratulations to Jennifer and Michael! I pray you both have many wonderful years together!!

    7. Katelyn says:

      I saw “warehouse wedding” and HAD to check this out! What a beautiful wedding!!! I love the location they picked, it has such character. The photos are fantastic (of course) and I especially love the style of Jennifer’s portraits. Her tattoos are gorgeous. Congrats to them!

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