12 Days of Christmas 2011 – 5 Collages Getting Ready Window Lighting

post by nat

As wedding photographers based is Lancaster County we’re often faced with challenging lighting conditions. Old churches tend to be fairly dark. It’s like they weren’t even planning for us wedding photographers when they were building them centuries ago ;) Every once in awhile though our brides make it easy on us and get ready in a room with a large window. It’s quite magical what happens when you turn off all the lights in a room and use just the light that comes through a window. It creates a soft dramatic effect that is just gorgeous! If you’d like really great getting ready shots and really happy wedding photographers, then we recommend finding a room to get ready in that has a lot of windows or a least one large one. If you’re getting ready at your wedding venue and cannot find a suitable room, a great solution is to rent a hotel room close by to get ready in. Hotel rooms almost always have the exact kind of light were talking about. Trust us, you won’t regret it! It adds so much to your getting ready photos and your wedding day photos as a whole!

The following collages are all shot with only the available window light… Enjoy.






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