Top 10 Reasons to Buy A Mac

post by matt

So I get asked questions about mac’s all the time. All my friends and family come to me to ask questions like, ‘I’m looking for a laptop, think I should get a mac?’ or any other mac/apple related questions. In fact my nephew started calling me “Uncle Mac” (only because he can’t quite pronounce Matt yet, totally hilarious though). I usually answer these types of questions with another question, like’ Is the pop catholic?’ or ‘would you rather a headache or a neck massage?’. Of course you should buy a mac! After which I spend a good half hour spouting off reasons to defend my bold opinions. So in no particular order here are my top ten reasons to buy a mac.

1. Because PC’s suck. Yep all of them, haven’t seen one yet that even comes close to a mac. Buy a mac simply because the competition is so bad.

2. Because you don’t have time for viruses. I’ve been on a mac now for 6 yrs, I’ve never run anti virus software and… you guessed it I’ve never had a virus!

3. Buy a mac for the things you don’t get with it. PC’s come with a ton of useless software and trail versions of everything under the sun. If you want to have a clean start you need a few solid hrs just to get rid of all the junk. Most people don’t even bother so they end up with a brand new cluttered machine right from day one. Mac’s come loaded with useful software to manage your digital lifestyle. Edit your photos, make videos and websites easily, record music and whole list of other things with the software that comes pre-installed. It all works right out of box.

4. Because Macs are sexy, and if you have one then you are too. Take a look at the new macbooks and how they use a unibody construction, brilliant!

5. The dock. All your programs are easily accessible from the dock which hides neatly off screen. It only appears when you mouse your way down to it and it disappears as soon as you move away. Here is a great PC question, why do you have to go to the start menu to turn the thing off?

6. Buy a mac because they make so much sense. Ok the last part of the number 5 inspired this reason. But seriously macs are intuitive and do a lot of little things right. One that I like is when you’re downloading a file you’re given a time estimate like, about a minute to go. Not a countdown to zero and then a 30 second wait. Come on PC, if you don’t know how long it’s gonna take, tell us the truth.

7. Buy a mac because of the display quality. Weather you get a macbook or a iMac, just walk in to an apple store and have a look. Words can’t describe how nice and bright the displays are.

8. Because no one likes a crash. There is a lot of debate about this one on the web. All I can say is I often run graphics intensive programs at the same time. I probably have about 15 applications running at once on some days. I don’t ever have crashes. No wait I did have one last year, while running Microsoft Office… no comment.

9. Buy a mac because your iPhone will love it. If you don’t have an iPhone yet, I totally understand, you must hate AT&T so much that you’re waiting for another carrier. If that’s not the case, go get an iPhone for a thousand reasons I don’t have time to post about.

10. Buy a mac because I have stock in Apple. Just kidding… although I wish I did.

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