The Story of our First Wedding

post by nat

Years ago our good friends approached us with this question, “You’ve got a digital camera so can you shoot our wedding for us right”? Digital camera, by the way, meant cheepo point and shoot… not an slr, not a professional camera in any fashion and with zero experience, we naturally agreed. You see it was the wedding of her mom & mom’s boyfriend who had been together for 15 years and then decided to get married. Nat & I were volunteers in Australia at the time and were excited to help out in any way we could. After all, they weren’t paying and if they did, it could have violated our volunteer visa’s and we could have been deported.

So 5 days before the wedding, I’m doing a ton of prep, reading everything I can find about wedding photography, talking to anyone who has any advice to share… And then it dawns on me, maybe I should make sure I know how to use el cheepo camera. And that’s when I realize, I can’t find it!! I’m tearing apart every room in our apartment, the car, my office at work, going through every possible place I’ve been in the last month. It literally vanished!!! So off to Garrick’s Camera House we go. This was the perfect excuse we needed to buy a ‘REAL’ camera. Overwhelmed with choice I went home, went cross eyed reading reviews, and then went back the next day and bought a Canon 30d with a kit lens.

The next 4 days I taught myself to use an SLR (Nat knew the basics having owned a film SLR), shoot in manual, borrowed a friends zoom lens and headed to our first wedding as “professional photographers…” and had the time of our lives! NOTE, this is not a recommended path for starting a wedding photography business.

Mic & Bonnie (fyi, classic Aussie names) had a beautiful outdoor ceremony at a church and then we took some pics at a local park. Here are four of our favs from a whopping 46 proofs we delivered for our very first wedding. Hope you liked my story. Oh and by the way I found my point n shoot a week later in my golf bag… woops…

Doesn’t’ Bonnie look lovely!? Not sure what Mic is thinking here, good thing I didn’t know to interact with my clients and get them to laugh. I may have run away.

Nat and I can’t wait to take a trip back to Australia so we can get pictures at all our favorite locations with our sweet lenses. This park is no exception.

Mic used to harvest sugar cane… So we went out to the fields and got this shot. Definitely my fav