Not to keep you hanging…

post by nat

Many of you have been asking for them, and we’re happy to announce that our hanging collages are now available for purchase!! These are custom made pieces by yours truly, and often the topic of conversation as we meet with people in our studio.

When we bought our house a year ago Nat really wanted to have an open house for our family, friends and clients, which was an absolute blast btw. Don’t worry we’re planning on more parties in the future if you didn’t get to attend the open house. But it provided the push we needed to get our studio set up fast. I had been dreaming about a way to show a lot of pictures without taking up a huge amount of space, make them easily interchangeable and look amazing. I knew I wanted a collage of some sort but I also wanted something that was totally different than anything I had seen before. My original plan consisted of linking the photos together with ribbon. I tried this and eventually gave up realizing that I will never tie the same size knot twice! It’s just the way it is, and I’m ok with that. That’s when I got the idea to link them ┬átogether with a… link. Amazing I know. The photos are printed on a hard styrene backing with holes punched in the corner. I was really smart and drilled all my holes at once. Then realized that the photo paper doesn’t leave a nice edge when drilling holes through them. Who knew?! Then luckily we found these grommets that fit the holes perfectly, protecting the edge of the photo and making the whole thing come together. And they happened to be the exact size for the holes I had already drilled :)

Ours are hung on 2 coat hooks and a curtain rod. I’m sure you could hang yours in any number of ways. If you’re one of our clients these are now available on your online galleries in an 8×8 or 10×10 size. If you hang some up at your place make sure to send us some pictures so we can see too :)

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