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We’ve been working on our new logo for a long time now. Really it’s way more than just a logo, it’s a symbol that reflects our brand. What is our brand you say?, without going into a ton of marketing hoopla it’s what you, our customers think about us. Over the last 3 years we have been in business we have really refined who we are as photographers. We know we like to keep things simple, provide the absolute best customer service, capture amazing detail, do casual portraits and capture real moments. With the help of our awesome customers we have come to realize that our logo needed a change. Everyone knows us as Matt n Nat and It’s just so easy to remember that we think it will fit who we are perfectly.

To release the new logo we had the pumpkins you see below carved by our good friend Shaun, He does amazing pumpkin carvings for all kinds of people. Anything you can imagine, he can carve it into a pumpkin. If you would like something carved into a pumpkin of your own, he’s your man. Shoot us an email and I’d be happy to give him your contact info.



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