Hope for Haiti

post by nat


The tragedy in Haiti is hard to put into words. We have so much to be thankful here in the United States. We’re asking anyone who follows our blog to consider donating to the relief effort. Our economy isn’t at it’s best but I can’t think of anyone I know who can not afford to give a few dollars.

A great way to give is to text “Haiti” to 90999. You’ll get a text back to confirm that you want to donate $10 to the Red Cross Haiti relief efforts. Reply with a yes and 10 bucks gets tacked on to your phone bill. Also you can purchase the album from the benefit concert on iTunes by clicking the link below. It’s $7.99. If you’re inclined to give more you can donate through this website.

Click here to get the album (link opens iTunes):

Jay-Z, Bono, The Edge & Rihanna - Hope for Haiti Now