12 days of Christmas – Cakes

post by matt

On the ninth day of Christmas…..ok let’s back up a bit….we mentioned in the first post that we’re kind of doing the 12 days in reverse. So, today we are down to four. Four cakes. Now to make our list, not only did the cake have to look good, but also taste amazing because really that’s what cakes are for. So, here’s are the ones that we remember not only for their looks but for the amazing taste. Now, there is an honorable mention to Abbi & Brian’s delicious cake. Matt hates coffee so it couldn’t make the list, but I wanted to mention it because it was so good!

From Abby & Evan’s Wedding. Abby found a picture of a cake she loved, and asked for a few changes. And not only does it look phenomenal it was so delicious! Cake by About Weddings


From Kristin & Gary’s Wedding. Love the fall theme and simplicity of the look. The fall theme carried through to the pumpkin flavor. Cake by Bellamanse

From Kim & Mike’s Wedding. A beautiful array of cupcakes, each leaf color representing the flavor of the cupcake. Cupcakes by The Couture Cakery


From Ashley & Nick’s Wedding. Matched the pink theme perfectly. Cake by Dingeldein Bakery

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