post by nat

Nat and I love to give back. We feel like we’ve been blessed so much that the least we could do is share some of the things we’ve learned along the way. Lately we’ve been chatting with some aspiring photographers and one of the common questions we get is, what we do about backups?.

There are so many different ways to do go about it and I’ve spent months researching and developing a system that works for us. Here is what we do.

First, keep in mind the the most important thing isn’t how you backup, but sticking to a spacific system and forcing yourself to be consistent.

After we get home from a wedding I download all the cards onto our raided storage devise called drobo. Once that’s done I copy all those files onto an external hard drive as well. With that in mind, I can sleep better knowing that there is at least three copies of that day’s pictures. One on the drobo, one on the external drive and one still on the memory cards.

The external drive copy sits on a shelf and is only used is if something should happen to the drobo. Please note, while drobo is an awesome raid storage devise, it is not sufficient as a stand alone backup device. If the unit goes down you will need another one to read your hard drives. We use ours as a working drive. The final step is to burn the raw files to a blu-ray disc. These discs get stored at an off site location. If something was to happen to our home we would still be able to recover all our files.

Maybe it’s a bit redundant, but isn’t that the point of making backups!? I think the importance of a wedding day is far too valuable to take any chances. I am not sure what I would do against a nuclear attack though… might have to look into online backups. Anyone have a spare 8 terabytes of online storage we can borrow?  ;-)

Oh, and sorry for the incredibly nerdy post everyone. Nat has been requesting that I have more of a presence on the blog so… this is what you get.  :)