12 Days of Christmas 2011 – 9 First Looks

post by matt

One of our favorite wedding day photo opportunities is when our couples decide to do a First Look. If you’ve been following our blog for any length of time, you would have already heard us highly recommend a First Look. If you’re not familiar with the idea, here is a blog post we did about it earlier this year explaining why we think a first look is so great. First Look. Today we are highlighting the nine couples who decided to do a First Look this year. We wanted to show the emotion of the couple first seeing each other as well as the natural portraits that come from having a moment alone on their wedding day.


Amanda & Jake were so excited to see each other :)

Tina & Jeff had their First Look on a chilly, but beautiful April morning.

Jarrod can’t hide that smile!

And he’s pretty good at making Tiff smile too.

A smile from ear to ear for Steve.

And a few tears for Jess.

Shawn seeing his Heather.

She’s beautiful!

Jodi & Jesse are both all smiles.

Jim waiting in anticipation.


Kristin walking to meet Ken.

Lindsay & Paul met in the park.

A few tears for the groom this time.

And there you have it, 9 more reasons to love the First Look.

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