12 Days of Christmas 2011 – 8 Fun Cakes

post by matt

Today we’re talking about cake. Maybe it’s because we landed in Mauritius, got to my parents and were promptly handed a chocolate cake by the neighbor, or maybe it’s because we wanted to show how unique each wedding cake can be… or both. Either way, cake it is :) Enjoy!

Brie & Nathan’s wedding cake was a gift to them. The top layer designed from her dress and the bottom from his tie. Cake by House of Clarendon.

Tiffany & Jarrod’s cake matched the red, white and black theme and the damask design in the table runners.

Heather & Shawn’s cupcakes not only matched the colors perfectly, they tasted fabulous! And can I say that I love how Jasmine from The Couture Cakery makes even the back of the cake look great.

Kate & Gregg’s super fun cake has so many shapes on it! A great non-traditional design. Cake by About Weddings.

Hope & Adam’s lovely cake fit the vintage theme perfectly! Cake by The Couture Cakery.

Petra & Mark’s cake was just right for a spring wedding. Cake by Trina.

Stacey & Jimmy’s cake topper was very special. It was the very same topper that Stacey’s grandmother & grandfather used at their wedding in 1942. Note the photo of them in the bottom left.

I think the simplicity of Jess & Steve’s cake was lovely for their fall wedding. I really love the texture of the icing with the flowers adding a splash of color.

Now, go grab yourself a cupcake or a slice of cake and enjoy your Saturday :)