12 Days of Christmas 2011 – 7 Assistants who make our job even better

post by matt

Our goal on your wedding day is to help you have the time of your lives. We aim to be quick and efficient during family portraits, make you comfortable and able to completly be yourselves during your portraits and capture the feel of your bridal party. But often we have very little time to do this. Almost from day one Matt & I have had someone come along and assist us for each wedding that we do. We find that it keeps things going smoothly and it helps Matt and I stay on top of our game throughout the day.

So, for today’s post we want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who assisted us this year. We are grateful for your time and ability to know what Matt & I need when we need it. Thanks for reminding us to drink water, for gathering family groupings for us and even for running small errands for our couples when it’s been needed.

This year, especially, we have used a few assistants who are breaking out into the photography industry. Not only have they assisted us with the things I previously mentioned, they have also had a chance to second shoot with us and learn along the way. We have certainly enjoyed your company and love seeing your perspective of the day as well.

Alright here we go, our 7 amazing assistants. Oh, and fun fact; 4 of our assistants were (mattnnat) brides :)

First of all I have to mention ‘the turtle’. This is the massive heavy bag our assistants lug around from place to place for us throughout the day. Even our smaller assistants….I’m pretty sure there was some weight lifting that started for a couple of the girls after their first time assisting ;) They were much stronger by the end of the year, and we are so grateful we didn’t have to carry the turtle and shoot at the same time!

So, here is my wonderful sister Larissa who I roped into helping us while she was visiting from Canada :)

The beautiful Amy.

Maryn, who also owns her own wedding photography business called Maryn Lee Photography.

Alissa also doubles as our assistant in our studio.

Mark loves to shoot with us. You can also see his personal photography downtown at Annex 24 or First Fridays.

Mikie hasn’t helped us in quite awhile. Probably because he’s running his own kick butt DJ business called Mikie Mic DJ’s.

And last but certainly not least we have Val, who has started a photography business with her husband Andy called Simply Thomas Photography.


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