12 days of Christmas 2011- 10 behind the scenes moments

post by matt

Well, the title is fairly explanatory….the pictures on the other hand….these are the moments on your wedding day you may or may not notice ;)

Maryn & Nat….waiting ‘patiently’.

Shooting. Matt says he normally doesn’t stick his gut out like this ;)

Matt with the guys….check out Becky & Paul’s wedding to see how this one turned out.

Soooo, I may make faces at Matt while he’s getting his camera set for indoor light…..

There’s always time to pose in an old elevator.

Cupcakes!!! Matt calls this Natzilla.

Sometimes the bride just needs some extra help….especially when ski lifts are involved!

Typical tired faces after a two wedding weekend.

A quite moment during the last slow dance.

And the rarest of all mattnnat pics… us bustin a move :)

And there you have it…..what’s its really like behind the scenes :) Can you tell we really love our job?!

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