Story Bout A Couple – Dawn & Ryan

post by matt

This is the story of a couple….and coffee.

Dawn and Ryan own Folklore Coffee & Company in Elizabethtown, but that is just where their story has taken them. Their story begins about 9 years ago…..

They met, then dated for a year and a half before Ryan proposed.

He proposed with this ring, a symbol of what they keep their focus on, who they love and who they are. He knew Dawn wasn’t a diamond girl, so he had someone custom make this ring for her.  She smiles as she’s looking at the ring, explaining how happy she was that he went to all the trouble to give her a ring that she loved and had a deeper meaning.

6 months later they were married on the same weekend that they had started dating two years earlier (a coincidence they discovered later).

Ryan is the dreamer.

Dawn is his opposite.

‘She’s my opposite, my balance. She’s strong and gentle. She know’s how to make any situation better.’

‘He’s a dreamer. He helps me to dream, and to appreciate his dreams. He is so creative and although he won’t think so, he is very good at implementing his ideas. And he’s fun and he’s funny.’

They are both laid back, a commonality that is much appreciated amidst their differences.

So, on to the coffee part of their story. A couple of years ago an opportunity presented itself and Dawn & Ryan said yes. Yes, we will start a coffee shop in Elizabethtown. (And I for one am so thankful that they did!)

They were both managing coffee shops and decided to embrace the risk of starting a business during a recession.

While working and learning about coffee, they both developed a passion. A passion for the drink itself, and for creating an atmosphere that people want to take the time to enjoy.

It has almost been two years and to say they have worked like crazy would be an understatement! They have embraced the business with everything that they are. And although they look forward to a time when they can do things outside of going to Costco on their days off, they have made the shop a place that allows them to be creative and to really be who they are.

Dawn desires to see Ryan become more confident in the things she sees in him. For him to see the things about himself that she can see.

Ryan desires to see Dawn pursue her creative side more. To have the time to to draw or sew and express her creativity more in those ways.

And together they dream of spending time outdoors, traveling and having a family.

Their story has really only just begun. They are pursuing life with the goal of leaving a legacy of integrity, good character and humility in both their business and in their personal lives. And from what I’ve seen they are well on their way….

As far as Folklore Coffee & Company, you should definitely take the time to stop by one day. It is no doubt my favorite coffee shop. Not only do they have great coffee, it is also a great place to relax for awhile, enjoy some live music, have a meeting or even hold an event. And of course they have things like smoothies and great food for people like Matt (a hater of coffee).

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