Story Bout A Couple – Ang & Eric

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She’s one hot mom. He describes her as passionate, caring, generous, cute, spunky, bold and realistic.

He’s a Marine. She describes him as strong, quirky, brilliant, obsessive and a dreamer.

They met when she was just 13, she was in 8th grade, he was in 9th. A friend introduced them and Ang knew within a couple of days that Eric was the one she wanted to marry.

Now remember they were teenagers and even though Eric was interested in someone else at the time, he couldn’t resist Ang’s flirtations. But just 3 months later Eric left the school and they didn’t know what the future would hold.

Months later they saw each other again at a youth group and because Eric was forbidden to talk to or call girls, they began to secretly trade letters. And they lived for those letters, they got to know each other that way.

Then Ang moves to another State and the letters continued….for awhile….

3 years pass with no contact. Eric graduates high school and goes to Australia to do mission work.

Then out of the blue…he calls! And they start a long distance relationship. Eric comes home. And then at the advice of someone Eric breaks up with Ang. And they were miserable.

Eric goes back to Australia….Ang follows, and when he meets her in the Sydney airport they know they’re in love and there’s no turning back.

November 4, 2001 they take a birthday trip to Washington DC and Eric proposes to Ang while they’re facing the Washington Monument.

They were married April 12, 2002, completely in love.

Now conversation includes their three amazing kids, Dexter, Ang’s next tattoo and retiring in Costa Rica.

She runs, clips coupons, loves to sing, and is obsessed with changing her hair style and color. The beach is her happy place and she loves giving gifts. Hanging out with her fellow mommy friends is how she survives, as they learn from and support each other.

The kids are her life. She wants her children to grow up being happy with themselves, secure with how and who God made them to be. That they would never let other’s opinions get in the way (including hers) and that they would pursue their dreams with all their hearts.

‘I desire for my children to be giving, passionate, compassionate’.

Needing a reliable job and nearing the age cutoff, Eric and Ang decide that he should go for it and join the Marines.

Besides learning the obvious combat skills needed to be a Marine, Eric feels that since joining he’s a part of something bigger than himself. It has not only increased his confidence, but helped him learn how to attain the goals he sets in his life. ‘I’m humbled and honored to serve our country and also provide for my family’.

And Eric is the dreamer. He dreams of moving to Costa Rica with the family one day. Living the simple life, off the land. He also has a desire to to make a difference in the lives of orphans, especially from Haiti. The best part, Ang is on board with his dreams.

Eric is the 18th service member in his family and the first Marine. He serves our country and dreams big.

Ang is living her dream of being a wife and mom…and rocking the job!

And when asked how they want their lives to be remembered….’That we gave our children the best possible chance to succeed in life, and that we were generous and gave of ourselves to see that others had a chance, too–especially the fatherless and the widow’.

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    1. Becky says:

      I absolutely love this! It was so great getting to read your story of how you met and seeing these beautiful pics! You guys are awesome!! We love you!!!

    2. Amanda Zickafoose says:

      This is my big brother and not just my sister-in-law but my sister. I am so very proud of both of them and these pictures and story nearly made me cry. They have both come a long way and overcome so much. Esp growing up wasnt the greatest but to see the man, husband and father that he has become makes my heart swell. There are not words enough to express what they mean to me and how lucky I am to have them in my life. Eric you are my real life hero and Ang you are model of what a wife and mother should be.
      I love you both very, very much

    3. Cassie says:

      Gorgeous photos and the story intertwined is beautiful. I love this family and am blessed by the way God is continuing to work through their lives!

    4. Chrisy says:

      This is the best ‘entry’ you guys have ever done. What an AMAZING couple! I loved the story that went along with it as well.
      Great work!!!

    5. maryn says:

      absolutely love this!!!!!!

    6. Ann says:

      Nicely done, Nat, nicely done. Absolutely love it!

    7. Becci Hied says:

      Awesome story and amazing pictures!! Loved the style of it all :)

    8. alissa :-) says:

      yeah they are the best! i love my sister and brother in law so much. i miss you, and am so proud of you guys. and nat… almost made me cry with the story told with photos. you’re amazing!

    9. Mary Macri says:

      Beautiful!!! I love hearing your story….

    10. Ang says:

      OMG that’s us!! I love it! :)

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