Longwood Gardens Maternity Photos – Maryn & Nate

post by matt

Last Saturday we got to capture Maryn & Nate at Longwood Gardens. We did their wedding a few years ago and they are expecting their first child in April :) ┬áThese two are so good looking, I can’t even imagine how cute their daughter is going to be!!

It’s been pretty cold outside, so Maryn chose Longwood for it’s beauty and of course the conservatory was toasty warm.

So in love.

Can you tell they’re excited?!

I mean, seriously, they are gorgeous!

Mom & Dad to be.

There are those smiles again :)

Love her dress, great color!

The afternoon light provided a nice backdrop to show off that belly.

The conservatory is stunning!

After a quick outfit change Matt took over and here’s what he captured.

The setting sun was incredible. Matt noticed the shadows and wanted to work them in to their photos.


A momma and her baby.

Hysterical! When we did their engagement pictures a few years back, we were taking a picture for their invitation when Matt jokingly said, “Ok, now make a ‘Come to our wedding’ face”…….These are their “We’re having a baby” faces!

Maryn you truly are glowing!


Back to that awesome light.

Beautiful family.

M <3 N

We’re so excited for you guys! We loved capturing this time in your lives and can’t wait to meet your little girl :)

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