Destination Family Portraits

post by matt

This past week we flew to Orlando Florida to spend some time with our ‘3rd’ family and take their family portraits. It was a fun few days catching up with them, enjoying some warmer weather and of course portrait time. We met the Bauer’s because our good friend Dave married our good friend Alissa and I got to be their wedding photographer (Matt was the best man). Since that time Dave & Alissa have moved to good ‘ol Lancaster PA, but the rest of the fam still lives in Florida. Mom & Dad Bauer have been up to visit a few times, but this time we really got to know Ang, Eric and their 3 wonderful kids who you’ll see have plenty of personality.

We wanted to share a few of our favorite shots from our time with the fam and put it out there that we love to take family pictures in additon to our weddings :) So if you’re up for it, let us know.

Thanks guys, looking forward to next time!

You wouldn’t know it from the picture but it’s freezing cold on the beach
Love this shot of Steve and Shirley walking up the dock. They’ve been walking together now for 37years!
When the kids don’t want to smile, it’s best to just let em be goofy!

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