Anytime Session, Lancaster PA – Lani & Ryan

post by matt

So we have this heading on our package list called an Anytime Session. It’s there for a number of reasons. 1. If a Bride & Groom would like to do a day after session. 2. If the weather just doesn’t co-operate on your wedding day and you still want outdoor pictures. And 3. If you just want to have a photo shoot with the one you love. And it was reason number 3 that brought Lani & Ryan to Lancaster City for an Anytime Session.

I met Lani & Ryan for the first time last year at a birthday party for a mutual friend. I loved them instantly! They are adorable together, you can feel their love and they were so easy to talk to.

Something else I want to mention about Lani is that we get to work with her every so often. She is a professional hairstylist and make-up artist who is very talented! You can check out some of her work on two of our bride’s Brie and Becky.

On this VERY hot Monday in May we got to spend some time together. And, might I add, they definitely added to the hotness ;)

The beautiful Lani

Love her laugh, it’s contagious

An old building, a little shade and love is all you need. (I’m hearing the Beatles in the background now)

Ryan’s taking these pictures seriously….Lani is looking a bit sassy though ;)

Ryan you have a stunning wife!

‘I hope you don’t mind, we brought the corvette.’ (I thought Matt was going to freak out when he heard this) Nope, we didn’t mind at all!


Thanks so much for braving the heat guys. We had so much fun with your session and look forward to hanging out again!