Winter Days and A Not So Normal Canon Lens

post by matt

I’ll admit it….winter is my least favorite month. Which is pretty funny (especially for my husband), considering I’m from northern Canada. It’s cold and it’s dreary and I have to do all of the work I’ve avoided the rest of the year. So, it’s not my favorite.

There is however a few redeeming winter moments. 1. Christmas 2. My Birthday 3. More excuses for coffee. So, my birthday rolled around this year and our neighbors/landlords came over with a present :) Yay for me, they got me a new lens…..


Or not…..


Now that you’ve seen this picture….can you guess which one in the top picture is the ‘fake’?

So, now on these cold winter days when I’m feeling miserable….I just wander over to ask Alura for one of her amazing latte’s. Laugh at the random coffee mug gift. And the day gets better.

…..ya it freaks me out EVERY time! And I have to check it like 3 times before washing it, just to make sure it’s not one of the real ones.

Thanks Ken & Alura for the laughs and the lattes!

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    1. Becci Hied says:

      that’s such an awesome mug!! Definitely deceiving! At first, I was like “what the heck.. what’s with the corroded lens? haha.. then I realized what it was :)

    2. M. Joshua says:

      I wish Winter was a month and not a season (typo in first paragraph). But regardless, that’s a pretty rad coffee cup. It took me a bit to get that it wasn’t a real lens. I was thinking, “what is the benefit of that foam and the caramelly stuff?”

    3. maryn says:

      that is SOOOO COOOLLLL!!!! i love that mug : ) and she does make great lattes : ) OH AND super cute valentine logo! xoxo

    4. Tiffany Shue says:

      wow that’s crazy! I love that it looks so real! Happy Belated Birthday Nat!

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