Valerie & Andrew Sneak Peek

post by matt

Hanging out with friends, going for a motorcycle ride, chilling on the couch, a new hair style, dinner with the fam….all great ways to relax after a crazy week. Luckily I got the combination of all of these things the last couple days and am ready to conquer the next week :)

We had a great day in West Chester for Val and Andy’s wedding on Saturday. The Vincent James Band put on a great party and the day just rocked all around! Thankfully we got to sleep in on Sunday, sleep was top priority after a long day on Saturday. We took the motorcycle down into the city to hang out with a friend at Taste of Lancaster County. Had dinner with the fam and then had some good quality couch time before catching up on more sleep. Monday I started the backups of Val & Andy’s pics after getting my new ‘do, which I love by the way!

Now it’s back to reality. This week has a lot in store….an E Session, a few consultations and planning for our overseas trip next week!! More about that when we get back…..for now, here’s a sneak peek at Val & Andy.