Vacation in Cancun

post by matt

Last week I left Matt at home and joined my sister in Cancun, Mexico. I was excited for the time off and to spend time with her. But when I got there Cancun surprised me. Yes, there are hundreds of resorts lining the beach and shopping and clubs and hustle & bustle, but I loved it!  My sister was given this trip because she did so well in her sales & service last year (she’s a travel agent) and she chose me as her guest. We stayed at the Cancun Palace All Inclusive (soon to be a Hard Rock hotel).

Our awesome room, complete with ocean view!

Greeted with wine & a fruit plate plus we found chocolate covered strawberries & assorted desserts throughout the week when we would get back to the room to get ready for dinner.

The view from our room & the amazing infinity pool (that we spent most of our time at).


We had a day of adventure going to visit the Mayan ruins in Coba. Now, my sister being a travel agent & me being quite well traveled you would think we’d have read what we were actually going to be doing on the tour…..but nope we went thinking were would be seeing Mayan ruins, and were pleasantly surprised with kayaking, swimming in a cenote, rappelling, and zip lining…..all before getting to Coba! Anyways, here are some of the ruins.

This is the last pyramid that you can still climb and it’s the tallest at 42 meters (138 ft).

And climb we did!! View from the top.

I almost didn’t make it….JK, heights don’t bother me at all and it was fun going up and going back down (I wasn’t one of the people taking it one stair at a time on my butt on the way down, but props to them for going up in the first place!)

Sunset – lagoon view.

The winds were a bit crazy while we were there, which made for rough waters and this red flag that warned us to stay out of the water until our last day there (that’s ok, the pool was so awesome it didn’t matter).

And this was the view from the stairs….yes we were on the 8th floor….and yes I made my sister walk up and down them every time we needed to get to the room (it was an ALL INCLUSIVE, you have to get a workout in when you can!).