Top Ten Reasons I Like Working With Matt

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So, awhile back we asked for some blogging topics on our facebook page. This one was suggested, so we thought we’d give it a go. Top 10 reasons I like working with Matt….

1. He’s funny – ok, he’s really cheesy at times, but he still makes me laugh :)

2. He’s creative – he’s the artist, I can do the whole photography thing, but he is creative in every other way. How he looks at life, thinks outside of the box and challenges me in how I’m thinking or doing things.

3. He’s the dreamer – seriously! A new idea every 5 minutes. Don’t be surprised if you hear him talk about making a movie one minute, building a rooftop deck the next and traveling to Space just to bring the conversation to a close.

4. He knows how I operate – when we are shooting a wedding he just knows what I’m getting, where I’ll be and how I work. He knows how I respond to things (yes, he thinks I’m ridiculous most of the time, but at least he knows what to expect). I think he has also learned how to approach me with his ideas, especially when he knows I’ll think they’re outrageous. He just has a way of getting me onboard before I can think about the details too much.

5. He loves to research – which I am SOOOO thankful for. I hate it! It’s just a terrible way to spend my time, but it actually saves us time, money and headache in the end. He is the one who has researched all of our equipment, marketing strategies, business plans, even which electric company to use (and we are now supporting an American company who uses windmills).

6. He takes some of the jobs I don’t want – and I do the same for him. We absolutely love our job! But that doesn’t mean that we love every part of the job. We are still working on this, but I think we’ve split the tasks we don’t enjoy as much to make us a bit happier.

7. He knows how to relax – this is something people actually give him a hard time about. He knows how to quit working and have a good time. I, on the other hand, don’t know how to stop! I can sit at the computer for 14 hours, only stopping for the essentials. Matt knows when his creativity is low and what he needs to feel refreshed.

8. We are a team – there’s no (mattnnat) without the Matt or the Nat….we are the business, not the logo or the packages or even the pictures, just us.

9. We are each other’s biggest fans – and biggest critics.  Ok, I’ll be honest, Matt is much more encouraging than I am. I have this issue with being a perfectionist, so I am my biggest critic, but he is the most positive person I know. I have learned to be more positive because of him. And because we can tell each other the truth we have consistently gone out of our way to improve our skills.

10. We are free to change rolls sometimes –  Even though he is the dreamer and innovator he keeps us consistent in what we do. This is so that we can provide images to each of our clients that really reflect who they are. Even though I am structured and detailed, I am always challenging us to do something we haven’t tried before in each session, just so we don’t get stale.

And that’s why I like working with Matt :)


Thanks to Matt’s sister Becca for getting this pic of us enjoying our time off at the beach this week.

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