Top Ten Reason I like Working With Nat

post by nat

I suppose I should have known when Nat said she’s writing a post about the top 10 reasons she likes to work with me, that I’d have to do the same thing. Honestly, I can’t say enough about her. Sometimes I think because my name comes first that people think she does less of the work. Nothing could be furthur from the truth. Without Nat there is no (mattnnat) Here are my top 10 reasons I like working with Nat.

1. She’s on the same road – There is no one closer to me than Nat. She knows what our goals are. I love that I can run things by her and she helps keep us on the right path towards our goals. This is true for business and life.

2. She’s my favorite person – We love to be together! I love getting to spend nearly all our time together. This is really important to me and something I really saw as a huge plus when considering professional wedding photography as a career.

3. She knows me – So well in fact that we can anticipate each others actions while we’re shooting. This allows me to focus more on creativity and interacting with our clients, than wondering what she is doing.

4. She listens to my craziness – I’m notorious for having huge ideas several times a day. It used to overwhelm her but now she just lets me dream and realizes if I don’t bring it up over and over again, it’s just me being me and she doesn’t have to waste time thinking about the details. I dont think I’d function well without her as a sounding board.

5. She’s the most trustworthy person I know – We have the same values and standards and believe in honest and fair business. I love that I don’t have to worry about those things ever being compromised, because she is just a good person through and through.

6. She’s committed – To me, us and everyone she knows. I can trust her with anything. I know she is investing as much as I am in our life and our business.

7. She’s close – It’s always nice that we’re so close together. Processing ideas and decisions can happen much faster. Which is really good for me.

8. She knows how to get away – Our schedules are exactly the same. I love to travel and be spontaneous. It’s super easy for us to travel and still get our work done with the way technology is today. We don’t have to ask our bosses if we can get time off at the same time. Interesting fact… Nat can pack for a month in one carry on!!!

9. She let’s me buy cool gadgets! – All our computers and photo gear. All “business expenses” of course ;-) But seriously, we’re on the same page financially which is a huge deal in marriage & business.

10. She’s different – Ok men and woman have known this for years, but I’m talking about pretty much every part of the way she thinks is different than the way I do. I love having her opinion & intuition by my side whenever I need it.

Here’s the only shot of wild horses we saw last week while camping at Chincoteague Island Virginia. I would have liked to get a little closer. But I love the light in this shot. Have a great 4th of July!