The Mid Year Refresher

post by matt

It’s 10:15pm and I just put the first of four loads of laundry in the dryer. It never fails that I completely freak out the night before we take any sort of time off! I’m not the type of person that can leave things undone. I like having my work and home in order before I go or I will just sit on the beach panicking about the things I didn’t get done on my to do list. So, here I am again multitasking into the wee hours of the morning….

Our last little break was in honor of Matt’s sister. She overcame some big obstacles to graduate from Milllersville and we were so proud of her that we came up with a super secret plan to help her celebrate. With the help of her friends & the rest of Matt’s family we planned a brunch and beach weekend. Here’s what it looked like through my iPhone’s lens:

We had Lori from Wildflowers by Design put together a beautiful bouquet for her brunch.

She knew about the brunch, but she had no idea what the gifts had in store for her. I love this series of pics…..First she was confused because the gift was just two beach bags. Then she was surprised because the card instructed her that she only had 1 hour to pack them….hence the confused look that followed. And finally the excited, overwhelmed look that proved it was sinking in that she didn’t have to work that weekend! (Matt arranged with her boss to have her on the schedule so she thought she was working, even though she really didn’t) ¬†Oh, and we stuck her son Cam in one of the bags….they were all ready to go :)

On the way to the beach, seems I’m the only on who’s awake & slightly crazy! Cam man playing the alphabet game.

At the beach house. We split into groups and made some of our speciality meals including a delicious seafood alfredo, a french toast brunch and beef stroganoff, yum! Lauren went super fancy and served champagne with brunch :)

Beach activities included hilarious games, pedicures for the girls and a bit of wind the last day there ;)

Here’s to the beach crew of 2012.

Hope you are all getting some summer adventures of your own!