The 2 foot difference

post by nat

So I (Matt) have always wanted a big Christmas tree. I always told myself, “self, if I ever have a room big enough I’m going to get a huge Christmas tree.” I’m not info fake trees at all, I like the look, smell and feel of real trees. I don’t mind dealing with the sap and needles. This year Nat & I decided to put our Christmas tree in our studio and decorate it in Black,White and Silver to match our brand. So Nat and I went to the tree farm and searched and searched till we found the perfect 12′ fir to fit in our 14′ cathedral ceiling studio. I roped the tree to the top of our friend Shannon’s land yacht in typical red neck fashion. The guy at the farm didn’t want to let us leave he was so worried it would fall off. But we left and got it home without worry. Nat and I heaved it into place, stood it up only to have one minor problem, it didn’t fit, the top hit the ceiling! Turns out our ceilings are only 12′ high and our tree was actually 13′ not the 12′ we paid for. So a little creative trimming was done and we have what you see below. It’s way more tree than I ever though it would be. Turns out trees look much smaller outside in a field than they do indoors. But we love it! All of that to say,

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from matt n nat.




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