Story time with Matt – Getting Lost in the Australian Outback

post by nat

Last week we were out with friends at Pour, a really great wine bar here in Lancaster. You should check out if you’re into that sort of thing. As we’re sitting outside chatting with good friends somehow the story of when I got lost in the outback came up. So I decided to share it with you.

It happened in the far north of Queensland Australia. I was a volunteer at the time with about 30 others and we stopped at this park for lunch. We had some time to kill so we all decided to go for a small hike. The sign said it was only a 15 min walk so I didn’t take it too seriously.

So I’m going along, slower than everyone else because I’m taking pictures, big surprise. Then I see a sign for a lookout, and I can never pass up a good scenic view. So I head down that trail and next thing I know there is no trail. I turn around and everything looks the same. I head back the way I thought I came from but can’t find the trail for the life of me. By that point I have no idea what direction is what and everything looks the same. I could hear water so I figured I’d head towards that. The picnic area was near a creek so that seemed logical. The creek was down in a small ravine so I’m following the creek now thinking, worst case scenario the ocean is about 50 kilometers away, I’ll either pass a road or get eaten by a crocodile. So off I go jumping across slippery rocks and climbing down waterfalls trying not to get wet or break a leg. After a good hour and a half I see a rock that seemed to be saying sit here and take a break so I did.

I picked up a stick and seriously started to think about my overnight options. At this point I had no idea how long it had been and sunset comes early close to the equator. I tried sketching my path into the moss on a rock to try to figure out where I had come from but couldn’t make any sense of it. This was super frustrating because I’m usually pretty good with directions. I really didn’t want to spend the night out there. In Australia if you pick the wrong direction to walk you end up walking for the rest of your life! So I said another prayer and then had the impression that I should climb the cliff to my right.

It was about 30 feet up, slippery and steep. I’m thinking no way I should climb that but I can’t shake the feeling so I do. Once at the top I see nothing but super thick brush. I was about to head down the cliff but I decide to at least look around a bit first. I took 3 steps forward and was on a trail. 3 minutes later I joined the rest of my group who were finishing up lunch. The best part. No one even knew I was missing.

Here are a couple of our pictures from Australia. We can’t wait to go back and get some great pictures with our professional cameras this time :)