South Africa – Cape Town

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This past December we had the opportunity to travel to South Africa and Mauritius. Now, I know the question, ‘where is Mauritius’ is on the tip of your tongue and I will get to that…..but let’s talk South Africa first.

The reason for the trip was to spend time with my family. My dad took a job in a far off land and part of the deal included plane tickets for his kids to visit (which of course we took advantage of!!). Since he and my mom have been on the small island of Mauritius for about a year, they were itching to travel a bit too, so we met in South Africa.

We all flew in at different times from different parts of the world and started our week in the Cape Town area with a beautiful sunshiny day. Matt and I actually got there a couple of days before my family and rented a mini car to explore, get some groceries and catch up with a new friend. Then, once the family arrived we were touring from 8am-6pm every day….with the nightly drop off point being the harbor…..or let’s be honest the mall :) My poor husband, who despises shopping, was beyond his limit of shopping trips for this week. Props to him for being amazing and letting the girls be girls ;)

The Chapman’s Peak drive brought us to this beautiful beach.

We parked the car and wandered down onto the sand dunes for some pictures and just to enjoy the warm weather.

And then this couple walked into our frame and they were too cute!

I always have to do a double take with this picture….all of a sudden I feel as though I’m in a winter wonderland.



Muizenberg Beach.

We accidentally ended up here, which I was so excited about because I was hoping to have some time get some pics.

These are just change rooms on the beach, but they totally captured my attention and made me instantly happy.

One of our tours took us to Cape Point. It was a blustery day to say the least, but we happened to catch a few moments without rain or hail.

We even stumbled upon some penguins.

This is the beach where they like to hang out, and I can see why!

On our tour through wine country we had a tour of KWV in Paarl.

Each one is carved to tell the story of wine through the ages.

The craftsmanship is incredible!

A bit of the scenery in Stellenbosch. I dream of returning there one day and taking it all in, our time there was much too short.

The clock tower in Cape Town’s Harbor.

The one clear-ish picture we got of Table Mountain.

Our time in Cape Town was wonderful and we look forward to the next time we can visit and discover more. And to my dear friend Shannon….hurry up and get there so we can come visit you!! ;)

And getting back to talking about Mauritius, we’ll be blogging about our time there soon. Enjoy your evening!

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