Snow Day

post by nat

Yesterday was lovely, yep you heard me right! Lovely :) It may be because it took me back to my first 18 years growing up in northern Canada with 5-6 months of snow every year or it may just be because everything was so still and quiet and beautiful. Either way, I enjoyed it and honestly hope it was the last one of this winter ;)

Moving along, I have been waiting somewhat impatiently for a snow like this since we got back from Canada after Christmas. My sister got Keziah a super cute snowsuit that will probably only fit her this season and I was dying to get her out in the snow to ‘play’. We tried it once while we were in Canada….and this was the response….


So as you can see, I was dying to get her in that snow suit again to see if she’d actually enjoy the white stuff and I’m happy to report she did. Well, she did until she snow angel-ed it and it was hitting her face, then she wasn’t so sure! But I got some cute pictures of my cutie to remember her first winter so I’m happy :)

Getting pumped up to go check out the snow….please excuse all the Cheerio crumbs on the floor.


Ummm, mom what is this?!


Ok, it’s not so bad.



Annnd she likes it!


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