Shopping Days

post by matt

I don’t really like to shop….although I’ve noticed as I’ve gotten older I tend to enjoy it more than I once did. It’s definitely not a hobby, but every once in awhile I enjoy it. Today was not one of those days. Let me explain…

I designate shopping days. One because I don’t really enjoy it. Two because I like to get everything done at once. I make my lists and hit all the stores I need in one day. I’m kind of a dork because I have a list for each place, my shopping bags, my budgeted coffee money and I always make sure to leave all the groceries till the end. So, off I go….to the post office, Target, Costco, coffee break, the Grocery store, car wash, Park City (if I have to)….you know everything that needs to be done.

Then I make my way home. ¬†Now by this time I’m exhausted! I can barely comprehend getting myself home, let alone unpacking the car and getting everything put away. And if I’m unlucky enough to arrive home when Matt’s not there, I have to do it all by myself. ¬†Sometimes the bags just make it inside the door before all I want to do is lay on the couch and take a nap! I’m not going to lie…..sometimes I just put the perishables away and leave the rest till the next day.

So, shopping = not so fun….the silver lining….a great sale and some extra discounts at White House Black Market to switch up my black, white and grey wedding outfits from last year :) A successful day.

And if all else fails there’s always some great finds in Sky Mall….

I mean, who isn’t looking for a food pillow?

And I must agree cleaning out a litter box is extremely unpleasant.

How I wish I had found this sooner….would have been perfect for the cold, harsh Canadian winters….instead we had to resort to ski masks and run around looking like little bank robbers playing in the snow….