Photographers Helping Photographers

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Some days I think my job is too good to be true! I woke up this morning like almost everyday, excited to get some things done on my list. I can’t really describe the feeling of knowing that you’re doing what you’re created to be doing. But I know that not everyone has that feeling and that makes me sad. I wish they did. I want to help people get to that place. So, when one of our previous brides asked us to help get her photography career started we were more than happy to help her out.

We love collaborating with other photographers and welcome the up and coming photographers here in Lancaster. Yesterday we had our good friend Maryn spend the day with us for an intensive wedding photography mentoring session. You can check out her wedding here. She’s not sure yet what kind of photographer she want’s to be… but that’s ok… she’s excited, passionate and eager to learn all that she can. We spent most of the day going over work flow, equipment, marketing, lighting and all things related to running a successful photography business.

Part of the day was a mini photo shoot with Nat & I. Here’s a few of our favorites. We think they came out great!


My leather jacket looks good from this angle. Right before this shot I broke the zipper and was stuck inside it. I ended up having to take it off like a t-shirt after the shoot was over:-)


Love this shot even with the crazy hair.


If you don’t know already, Nat is a Canadian. But you woudn’t know it from this picture. She get’s cold so easily that sometimes I wonder if she really is from Canada…



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