New York City in April

post by matt

I love the city. The lights, the people, the hustle & bustle, the unlimited choice of food & entertainment and the mix of cultures that just live life side by side everyday.

Whenever I get the opportunity I jump at the chance to spend a few hours or a couple days exploring & taking it all in. Matt….well you wouldn’t say he shares my opinion in this regard. So, when my Aunt emailed me and asked if I’d like to join her and her granddaughter in the city for a couple of days I jumped at the chance.

I got on the train on Wednesday morning, excited to see some family and see what the city had in store this time. About an hour into the trip I had a sinking feeling that I had forgotten something. Now, usually I forget something like pajama’s or toothpaste, but unfortunately this time the silly photographer forgot a memory card for her camera :s Thankfully there were a few shots left on the memory card that I had left in the camera from Easter Sunday so I could document a bit of the trip.

Batman was here.

I loved the hotel lobby.

A little Times Square – the daylight version.

Memphis was incredible, highly recommended!

Walking to lunch and caught a glimpse of the Chrysler Building.

We walked a lot this trip, this was my one and only subway ride.

Spring time in the city.

It was my first time at the MET & it was fascinating watching artists recreate the masterpieces.

My favorite part of the MET was the modern art section, it’s always so random and fun!

One of the many coffee breaks we took.

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