New Years Wish List

post by matt

It’s that time of year again. New Year’s resolutions that will most likely last about a week…..So, instead of New Years resolutions, we’ve been putting together a wish list for 2011.

One of the reasons we love our job is because we get to take it with us. Now before that sounds extremely workaholic of us, we really mean that our job gives us the flexibility to travel on a regular basis and still keep up with our work. So, this year we’d love to have the opportunity to shoot in the following places:

– A Caribbean Wedding

– Australia – wedding, engagement or lifestyle

– Europe (anywhere! for any type of shoot)

– The Beach – would love a beach wedding or engagement session

– The Desert – super vague, I know, but any desert will do :)

Another wish for this year is to be truly inspired. Both in photography and personally. I have learned in this past year that I need to stay fresh by branching out in other areas of the arts and areas that completely challenge me. So this year I’m looking for inspiration in those around me. I find that even an ordinary life is exceptional when you take the time to get to know the person leading the life. I’m starting to approach people about telling their story, so look for ‘Story Bout A….’ blog posts in the near future.

And one more thing we are wishing for this year. Not only do we want to improve our photography and provide our clients with the best experience possible, we also want to use what we have to make a difference. This past year we went on a trip to Kurdistan and are continuing to work on a project that will help improve the health care in that area. We’re not sure what this year holds yet, but we are keeping our eyes open for projects that will get us out of our comfort zone and help those we come in contact with.

There you have it. Our 2011 wish list. Yes we dream big! Oh, and if you want to go to any of the destinations listed above or already live there….our bags are packed and ready to go!

What are your hopes and dreams for this year?

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